The Grounds at Barony Castle

The Castle grounds at Barony

The 25 acres surrounding the hotel reveal a secret at every turn. The Limes Avenue laid out in the 1620’s was the original impressive entrance to the house and remained such until the 1950’s.

The Yew Tree Walk leads to the Altar which was built on the site of a 19th century summerhouse, which in turn occupied one of the sites used for private worship by the Murray family during the 17th century. The Altar is now a popular choice for Wedding and Civil Ceremonies.

The last remaining Summerhouse is now a popular wedding backdrop and has also been used as a Hindu temple and a chapel. The Ice House was built for George Murray the 6th Lord Elibank and could hold 11,500 litres of ice collected from the Mill Pond and surrounding streams during the winter months.

These and many other features along with the history of the castle and surrounding area can be found in documents held at the hotel.

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