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Steak Menu

Our Steak menu is available in ‘1536’ Restaurant from 18:00 every day

1536 Restaurant is pleased to be the first in the Scottish Borders to introduce “Steak on a Stone”. Your steak is served on an extremely hot lava rock where you decide how much to cook your succulent steak and what accompanies it.

The hot lava rock is a unique, delicious, healthy interactive dining experience that allows your steak to be presented cooking on volcanic rock at your table. This method seals in all the natural juices, flavours and nutrients.

Now, to start your experience;

Choose your steak

8oz Scotch Fillet of Beef G/F

8oz rump of borders lamb G/F

8oz Scotch Sirloin of Beef G/F

8oz Scotch Ribeye of Beef

All served with a crisp seasonal salad and Albert Bartlett wedges

Now, choose one from each category;

Salts/Shakes (all GF)

Truffle and sea salt
Smoked salt
Garlic and thyme salt
Black peppercorn salt
BBQ salt


Mustard and parsley
Smoked garlic and thyme G/F
Sun dried tomato and horseradish
Peppercorn G/F
Red wine and shallot G/F


Mushroom and tarragon G/F
Red wine G/F
Grain mustard sauce
Peppercorn G/F
Chilli jam G/F

  1. Remove your steak from the stone and put on the side plate
  2. Sprinkle your chosen salt/shake on the stone
  3. Cut one or two bite sized portions off your steak and place on the stone (please don’t cut on the board)
  4. Use the butter to marinate the steak, whilst you cook it to your liking
  5. Finally dip the steak once cooked into your sauce and enjoy!

Additional Sides Available
£2.95 each

Skinny Chips (GF)

Garlic Mushrooms

Marinated Olives

Garlic Bread

Sweet Potato Fries

Mixed Salad (GF)

Onion Rings

Albert Bartlett Wedges (GF)

Buttered Baby Potatoes (GF)

We ask our guests to please communicate any dietary requirements that our kitchen team should be aware of at the time of booking with a notice of at least 24 hours. This is to make sure any special catering or changes to the menu due to dietary requirements can be guaranteed and provided.

All Leisure Members enjoy a 10% discount on food & drink purchases in our Bar and Restaurant


Our Bar, Lounge and Restaurant are open every day to the public


7am – 10am


12 noon – 5pm

Served in the Bar, Lounge, Conservatory & Courtyard


12 noon – 5pm

Served in the Lounge, Conservatory & Courtyard


6pm – 9pm

Served in the Bar, Lounge & Restaurant

Staying with us? Our room service menu is available 24/7

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