Kayleigh McAllister
Wedding & Events Manager

We live in a world where daily life has become “unknown” and “uncertain”.  A world where one day we can see our families and the next we can’t.  As a wedding coordinator I am so grateful in this current world I get to witness one thing that truly isn’t “Unknown” or “uncertain” … and that is LOVE!!

Gone are the days of late nights dancing to the Gay Gordon’s, Cover songs, Abba and ending with the traditional “Loch Lomond”. Here are the days of #IntimateWeddings or #MicroWeddings.  Just because they are smaller doesn’t make them any less special.  Yes, they are different from the “normal” but they are a celebration of two loved ones surrounded by close friends and family.  I live and breathe for weddings, it’s what I do.

We’ve recently launched two new packages at Barony Castle perfect for the ultimate intimate weddings which fit in with all the current government restrictions and guidelines.  These wedding days are amazing and have lit the little wedding spark back in my heart.

Our packages provide couples with the same planning and luxury as a full capacity wedding.  No one should have Less of a wedding day just because the guest list is smaller.

Creating the packages, I thought about “if I were to get married just me and my partner and a few guests what would I want”.  I was wary as to whether they would work, be popular or anyone would even want to get married… but gosh was I shocked when they were launched and were so popular.  Like the title says LOVE ISNT CANCELLED.

Be it a wedding for 2, a wedding for 10 or 100 ultimately there is 1 common denominator and that is 2 people who Love each other.

When I think back to all the intimate weddings I have not just planned but I have witnessed it reminds me that LOVE isn’t just about the actual wedding day… it is about that special moment … the I DO’s.. the WE DO.  #NotYourAverageWedding


Thank you to Carol and Alan for letting us share these wonderful photos of their intimate wedding at Barony Castle…